Moulding Machine For Eyelet Gasket

Moulding Machine For Eyelet Gasket

To make the SS strip into U shape before eyelet the SS reinforced graphite gasket,used with KXT E1530 eyelet machine.

Product Detail

Specificatioin as following:
STYLE KXT E1530 Moulding machine for eyelet gasket
Eyelet gasket thickness 2.0  2.5  3.0  3.2  4.0  4.5mm, Standard machine package include molds for 2 thickness, other size models on request with extra charge
Total power 0.4kw
Spindle motor power 0.4kw
Power supply voltage 380V/220V as request, 3 phases
Air compressor 0.6--0.8 Mpa
linear speed 80mm/s
Machine measurement 1250*550*1000mm
Machine net weight 170 kg
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