What are the six types of valve flange gaskets?

- 2022-10-11-

Graphite Gasket
Flat gasket made of soft graphite, suitable for high temperature and strong corrosive media.

Metal gasket

There are three main types:

1. Octagonal and oval pads - suitable for trapezoidal groove flange sealing surfaces.
2. The tooth form is a bevel-shaped corrugation machined on the sealing surface of the metal flat gasket - suitable for the concave-convex flange sealing surface.
3. The lens gasket is suitable for the sealing surface of the lens flange, and the metal gasket is made of pure iron, extremely mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.

The processing accuracy and surface roughness of the sealing surface of the metal gasket are very high, and the bolt pressing force is very large, which is used for high temperature and high pressure valves.

Metal Clad Graphite Gasket

Made of metal-clad annular asbestos gaskets. Generally used in concave-convex flange sealing surface. Valves for higher temperatures and pressures.

Spiral wound gasket

It is made of mixed winding of corrugated metal strip and sealing material strip. There are steel belt, non-asbestos, steel belt, PTFE, flexible graphite and so on. Generally used for concave-convex flange sealing surface. Suitable for medium pressure valves at higher temperatures.

PTFE gasket
Generally used for tongue-and-groove sealing surface, there are mainly two kinds of materials: PTFE and glass fiber PTFE. It is suitable for strong corrosive media at lower temperature and various pressures.

Non-asbestos rubber gasket

It is suitable for smooth flange sealing surface, concave and convex flange sealing surface and tongue and groove flange sealing surface. The advantages are good corrosion resistance and thermal stability, good plasticity, and small compression force to ensure sealing. The disadvantage is that the strength is low and it is easy to stick to the flange sealing surface. Asbestos rubber gaskets include asbestos plates, anti-corrosion asbestos plates, generally used non-asbestos plates, acid-resistant non-asbestos plates, oil-resistant non-asbestos plates, metal wire non-asbestos plates and other materials. For higher temperature medium pressure valves.