What are the characteristics of ramie packing?

- 2022-06-29-

1. Ramie packing is made of high-quality ramie fiber and fully moisturizing oil, and is specially woven into a square shape. The advantage is that the coefficient of friction is extremely low, the shaft is not worn, and it is anti-corrosion. It can be used in the shipping industry, cold water treatment, sea water and cold oil; low pressure valves, rotating equipment, reciprocating pump hydraulic presses, ship propellers and other equipment.

2. Ramie packing is recommended for general dynamic seals, low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pumps. Temperature≦140 ℃ PH value: 2-12 Linear speed: 10m/s Blower 15bar Mixer: 15bar Valve: 20bar Suitable for all kinds of water quality, sea water, salt water, oil, lipid, weak acid, weak alkali and other media, special skills Grind.

3. Ramie packing features: Ramie packing is suitable for dynamic sealing with higher linear speed and higher medium pressure. It can be used in chemical, agricultural chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, sugar, paper, electric power and other occupations, reciprocating pumps, mixers, agitators, reactors, valves and other equipment. Suitable for water, sewage, oil, grease, weak acid and weak base solutions, acid-base solutions, grinding media.

4. Ramie packing standard commonly used standard packaging adopts 20, 25, 30KG; special standard or various non-standard products can be made according to customer requirements.

5. Ramie packing raw materials can include: black ramie packing, oily black ramie packing, oil-impregnated tetrafluoro black ramie packing, white ramie packing, oily white ramie packing, oil-impregnated tetrafluoro white ramie packing, different Weaving of different raw materials can achieve different sealing effects.