What is synthetic stone? What are the uses?

- 2022-07-18-

Synthetic stone material is a composite material processed from high-temperature nanofiber felt and high-performance epoxy resin. It has good physical properties such as low thermal conductivity, flame retardant and high temperature resistance, anti-static, light weight, and chemical corrosion resistance.

Characteristics of synthetic stone
1. High temperature nanocomposite (synthetic stone) has good physical properties at rising temperature, and its conductivity at low temperature can ensure good heat distribution on the substrate.

2. Synthetic stone can be precisely processed by machine to ensure the stability and no deviation in size.

5. The composite material epoxy resin of synthetic stone can effectively block the flux and prevent the tin tip from sticking.

The use of synthetic stone

Because of the excellent properties of synthetic stone, it has shown super-high effects in various fields around the world. Especially in these industries such as airports, walls, toilets, buildings, buildings, museums, exhibition centers, hospitals, schools and other industries, the effect is remarkable.