Polyimide Article

Polyimide Article

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Polyimide article is a solid mass with the colour of translucent or opaque amber, or deep brown. It has good mechanical intensity and possesses

the superior properties against high temperature(working temperature 250)and radiation. Polyimide article can be made into thin film, srengthened

plastic moulding article, high-vacuum selflubricating bearing of resistance to high temperature, parts of electric apparatus used in high temperature,

articles of resistance to radiation and so on.It can also be used as dielectric materials,such as plug,socket, skeleton and wire rack of different

electrical applicance,etc. Polyimide added in with a moderate amount of polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)and graphite can be used as oilless

lubricating material used in high-speed compressor, such as piston ring sealing ring, axle rim, etc.




 heat setting temperature

 (18.5kg/cm2) 232 oC

 bending strength (bending point)


 crush strength


 friction factor(noumenon)




PV value



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