Silicon Rubber Tri-clamp Santary Gasket

Silicon Rubber Tri-clamp Santary Gasket

This Silicon Rubber Tri-clamp Santary Gasket are ideal for distillers, since silicone is both temperature and ethanol resistant unlike most standard black rubber gasket, This silicone tri-clover gasket will fit any of our 1.5" ferrules on the still towers or milk can boilers (thermowell and fill ports).

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Silicon Rubber Tri-clamp Santary Gasket

Style KXT STG Silicon Rubber Tri-clamp Santary Gasket

This silicone tri-clover gaskets are ideal for distillers, since silicone is both temperature and ethanol resistant unlike most standard black rubber gasket,

This silicone tri-clover gasket will fit any of our 1.5" ferrules on the still towers or milk can boilers (thermowell and fill ports).



• The tensile strength is poor and it is not resistant to oil

Has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance

• - 55 Celsius Degree~250 Celsius Degree

• Has very good insulation performance

• FDA Standard

Cost Saving

• Excellent production capacity & short delivery time

• Longer life using time, replace not often 



• Pharmaceutical industries

•.Dairy, beverage industries

• Wine brewing industries

• Butterfly Valve

• Triclamp

• Union., etc 



From 1/2'' to 12''

Custom Welcom

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