Spool metallic strip for SWG

Spool metallic strip for SWG

Spool metallic strip for SWG 15 ~ 25 KGS of each spool. Saves a lot of material changing time. One piece of each spool.

Product Detail

Spool metallic strip for SWG Flat Stainless steel strip for Spiral wound gasket hoop

This type of flat and big spool SS strip is suitable to use on our Automatic winding machine.

Net weight: 20-25 kgs each spool

Material available: SS304, SS316L

Shape: flat strip

SS standard: ASTM standard.

Size available: 5.0mm, 5.2mm and 5.3mm width, 0.18- 0.2mm thickness. Tolerance: width +/-0.02mm, thickness +/-0.02mm.

The advantage of this SS strip is that they’re of 20-25kgs/spool, continuous strip, comparing to the traditional small pancake roll strip, you don’t need to change the strip often during producing the gaskets.

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