Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

> The Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring metallic core is made with concentrically grooved profiling on both sides. > A notch is turned on the outer circumference of the core in which a loose centering ring. > With soft sealing layer in both sides.

Product Detail

Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

Style KXT1120 Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring (Floating)

Kammprofile gasket have proven extremely useful in all areas of industry, including the most demanding sealing tasks. Our Kammprofile gaskets can be found in conventional power plants as well as in the primary circuit of nuclear power plants. In nuclear power plants, they are used e.g. as a heat exchanger gasket, as a valve cap gasket or as a manhole cover gasket on steam generators or pressurisers Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stopper. To prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize erosion. Damages of gasket between flange bore and the inside diameter, the annular space is filled up by solid inner metal ring. Suitable for male and female pipe flanges.


Outstanding sealing characteristics at a wide range of seating stress levels

The gasket will not damage the flange surface and can be easily removed

High resistance to severe temperature & pressure variation

The gasket cores are reusable reducing cost usage

Extreme temperature and chemical resistance

Low initial sealing stress for installation

Reliable sealing performance

Can be reused


High pressure and high temperature applications

Heat Exchanger and vessel applications

Small flange widths & damaged flange

Suitable for a range of chemicals

Can be used for narrow flanges

Petrochemical industry

Coolers., etc

Materials for metal Core

Core Materials Max Temperature Core Materials Max Temperature Core Thicknes
SS 316L 550 oC Inconel 625 450 oC 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
SS 304 550 oC Incoloy 825 450 oC
Monel 400 600 oC Hastelloy B-2 450 oC
Nickel 200 600 oC Hastelloy C 276 450 oC
Inconel 600 900 oC Titanium 350 oC
Face Materials Max Temp Face Materials Max Temp
Graphite 550 oC PTFE 260 oC

Standard size

Thickness: 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm We also provides other sizes, for details please contact us or send your inquiry directly to us

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